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"Suzette Schmidt is a strong and clear channel for Spirit!  I have experienced her skills with mediumship, channeling, the Akashic Records, animal communication, sacred drumming, and Reiki -- both as her client and as her colleague -- and I am always impressed by the clarity and integrity with which she speaks, heals, and helps.  Suzette is an amazing Lightworker, and Akashic Soul Visions has my highest and heartfelt rcommendation!" 

Elizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D., Reiki III   

"Suzette is very intuitive and is able to bring psychic and spiritual information through without inserting her own issues and opinions.  She's able to let go of her ego while channeling helpful and uplifting material that rings true for me.  She brought through insights that were unique and helped me understand and release old stuck ways of thinking and acting.  I recommend Suzette to those who are ready to make positive changes in their lives, those who are ready to move forward after feeling stuck, those who want a deeper understanding of their life purpose and path."

 Betty Young, Healing Touch Practitioner

Suzette Schmidt is truly a gifted spiritual conduit. She accesses the Akashic Records and the angelic realm to channel messages of transformation. I have attended Angel Parties hosted by Suzette and have observed the valuable insights attendees have gained from their participation. Suzette addresses questions and concerns to create a divinely inspired plan. I recommend a session with Suzette for anyone ready to experience spiritual empowerment. 

Diana Claus

Suzette is highly intuitive and has a passion for helping clients gain spiritual insights as well as discovering solutions to myriad challenges they are facing in their lives. Her individual sessions cover an array of wide ranging possibilities, from offering clarity on specific questions to understanding life themes and soul contracts. She also offers long-term mentoring services for a deeper dive into spiritual development. I recommend Suzette’s services, as her talents lie both in practical information and esoteric sustenance. 

Victoria Swanson

Suzette has such a Divine gift of connecting with the spiritual energies of love and light! I have experienced several ‘aha’ moments when she has channeled valuable information for me, helping me to further progress on my life path with greater purpose, clarity, and freedom. Suzette has a genuine and strong gift, and I cannot thank her enough for her part in enlightening my path, so that I am more connected to my natural gifts, opportunities, and blessings.

Jenny Baranosky

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